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Composite Strapping


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Composite strapping, also polyester cord strapping, is for bundling and fixing heavy weighted goods. It has high tensile strength, good impact resistance, high penetration and good folding ability, can absorb vibration during transportation. Thanks to the characteristics of being elastic and flexible, they do not scratch the surface of the edges of the pallets or goods. When used in conjunction with inflatable bags, goods can be greatly protected during transportation.

Product advantages:

  • High strength tensile resistance, capable of withstanding a tensile force of 0.5 to 8.5 tons, suitable for pallets and heavy item bundling

  • It has elasticity, ductility, and resilience after deformation, can absorb impact energy, and will not become loose after the goods shrink or expand, with good wrapping tightness

  • Good tension retention ability and memory, does not loose for a long time after packaging, and absorbs vibrations during transportation

  • Used with good flexibility, it won't scratch the packaging and won't hurt hands.

  • Composite strapping benefits from its softness and toughness, and there are no issues with indentations or scratches on the goods.

  • It is not affected by environmental climate, does not rust, corrode, and does not pollute goods, and can be treated as ordinary garbage, which is beneficial for environmental protection.

  • It is connected with steel wire buckle, which is a very strong connection method and can be repeatedly tightened. In some applications, the metal buckle can also be reused.


Composite strapping are widely used in packaging industries such as containers, large machinery, glass, pipe fittings, oil drums, steel, wood, paper-making, chemical industry, precision instruments, etc.

ModelWidthCore DiameterLengthBreaking Strength
MM   InchMM   InchMFtKgfLbs
CO-1313    3/8"200*190  8*7.5''110036005201146
CO-1616    5/8''200*190  8*7.5''85028007001543
CO-1919    3/4''200*190  8*7.5''50016408501874
CO-2525      1''200*190  8*7.5''500164013502976
CO-3232    1 ¼''200*190  8*7.5''25082023005071


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